Enjoy the story, An Egg is Quiet!

I will post a question here and you may respond. You may post questions of your own. You may want to share a chicken poem.

Perhaps you would talk to one of the eggs and send a letter to Mama Chick about how it is doing here at Westmeade.

What do baby chicks eat? oatmeal and bugs out of the ground
My chickens like to eat chicken pellets that I buy from the local feed store. But, I also give them pieces of leftover bread, and if I find a worm or snail while I'm digging in my garden they like that too. They LOVE rice! I don't feed them meat, but they will eat just about anything. In the evenings I let them out of their fenced in yard to eat the bugs around in the yard. I hope they eat all the mosquitos around my house, then the mosquitos won't bite me! Thanks for the question.

What kinds of music do chickens like besides classical? Do they like rock-n-roll?
Wow, I didn't know that chickens like music! Thank you for asking if they like rock-n-roll. How would you create an experiment to see what kinds of music chickens like? Maybe with your help, I'll be able to find out.

Do chickens like games? Seth
My chickens seem to have fun chasing one another around the chicken yard. They also will play keep-away, if one chicken finds a yummy bug or a piece of bread she will run off and the other chickens will chase her trying to take it away.

How Do MoTher CHickens
Baby chicks take 18-23 weeks to grow into adults. A baby girl chick is called a pullet and will grow into a mother chicken.
DO chicken,s play hide and seek?
Seth, chickens don't play games the way people do. They do play but it is meant to teach them things when they are chicks. Kalina
My chickens like to play "keep away" when I toss in bread. One chicken will pick up a piece and run off with it and the other chickens will chase the one with the bread. It's a lot of fun to watch.

How do baby chicks change?Myka
When chicks first hatch they have fluffy feathers called down. As the get older their adult feathers start to come in. They look pretty funny during that time because their legs and feet grow quickly. They also start to test their wings and try hopping and flying. Their voices also change. Instead of peep sounds they start to make clucks and other grown up chicken sounds.

Do Chickens like ostrich eggs? Maddie
Not that I know of. Although they will eat their own eggs if they get hungry. Some chickens like the taste of chicken eggs so much they break all the eggs that are laid and eat them.

How much do baby chicks weigh when they hatch? Stone
Maybe you could weigh the chicks when they hatch. I've never tried to weigh my chicks before. Good question Stone. Adult chickens usually weigh between 4 to 12 pounds. It depends on what kind of chicken and how well you take care of it.

Do they eat oranges? Victoria
Chickens like lots of fruits and vegetables. On a really hot day they love citrus fruits like oranges.

Do chickens fly? Braden
Yes they do, but they can't fly very high or very far. Some of my chickens were able to fly just to the top of the fence of their chicken yard and then hop out into the real world. So, I had to put netting over their yard to keep them in it.

Do they eat peas? William
Yes, William, chickens like peas a lot. Do you?

Do they have blankets when they go to sleep? Mallory
No, they like to have soft grass, hay, or pine needles to sleep on, and when they are cold they use their feathers to keep warm. They also all like to huddle together. Chickens sleep standing up.

Do chickens climb? Jada
Yes, and no Jada. They hop up on things and flap their wings to help the get up higher. But because they have no hands, they can't climb up a tree or a ladder like you could.

Do chickens sleep on pillows, Elma
Not like we do Elma. They use soft grasses and pine needles to make a comfortable spot if they want to sleep on something soft. But my chickens mostly sleep standin up in the coop. They call this roosting.

Do they like when you read to them? Tenaja
Great question Tenaja! I haven't read to them yet, but I will try it this weekend and post a movie of it here. Then you'll be able to see if they like being read to or not. Do you have any book suggestions?

Do they eat at night? LaMar
No, chickens are creatures of habit. They come out of their coop when the sun comes up, and go to bed when the sun goes down. So as soon as it gets dark, you won't see them leave their coop until it's light outside again. I think they do this to be safe because there are a lot of animals that prowl around only at night that like to eat chickens, coyotees, wild dogs, and owls.

How do they make their nests? Adonis
Some chickens just find a nice spot on the ground and dig a small depression so they are comfortable. I put pine needles in the coop for them and they flatten it out in the middle to have a place where their eggs will rest and not roll out.

Do chickens fruits (apples) Shantell
Chickens love fruits, especially apples Shantell. They will eat the seeds also. I think their favorite fruit though is watermelon!

Do chickens sleep at night? C.J.
Yes, C.J. chickens sleep at night. As soon as it starts to get dark outside, they head to their bed.

Do they crow at night? Jhada
I've never heard my rooster crow at night. I think they stay quiet at night so that predators can't find them. If they made a lot of noise then other animals would be able to hear them and discover where they live. And if it's an animal that likes to eat chickens, that would be terrible for the chickens.

Do they listen to people? Do they come when you call to them? Can you train a chicken?
Yes! Yes! and Yes! Great questions. I can tell that the chickens listen to me because they look at me when I talk and they tilt their head. Sometimes the chickens will come when I call, but if I start tossing out pieces of bread or some other food they like, they come running. And a running chicken is fun to watch. You can train a chicken a little. But it's pretty difficult. They can't do tricks like my dog can.

HOW DO chickens eat ?mariah
They bend forward and use their beaks to peck at what they want to eat. If they are eating food out of a dish they just bend over and pick it up in their beak. If they are hunting around the yard for bugs and seeds, they will first scratch at the ground with their feet, then they will bend forward and pick up any goodies they find.

How do chickens sit on their eggs without cracking them?olivia
Great question! They squat over their eggs. Their body is made to be very soft and fluffy with lots of feathers underneath so the eggs do not get squished. Also eggs are very strong and made to not crack under the mother hen.

Is their a famous chicken?bella
There is a cartoon chicken that is pretty famous. Foghorn Leghorn. I watched him when I was growing up.

How do you keep your chicken calm when you are collecting eggs?Kristi
I talk to them in a calm voice and move slowly and carefully. Usually I wait until the evening to collect the eggs. Chickens will normally lay their eggs in the morning and early afternoon. If there is a chicken sitting on the eggs, I either wait until they are finished, or I wear a pair of gloves to protect my hands. Most of the time they are fine with me collecting the eggs when they are sitting on them, but if one is grumpy she might peck at me and the gloves keep my hands from being hurt.